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Designed for hi/low beam motorcycle headlights. If your anything like us at ABS Fairings your always looking for that next thing to add to you bike that really makes it stand out. Our quality HID kits are perfect for anyone wanting to re-new the look their bike while gaining drastic visability on the road, something we all strive for. This kit is sure to stand out and turn heads.


  • HID (AKA Xenon) lights can significantly improve visiblity.
  • Increase safety by being noticed
  • Upto 40% brighter than your OEM lights
  • 55 watt & 35 watt to choose from
  • Backed by our lifetime warranty


Order this system if your motorcycle has a single headlight with a dual filament bulb installed such an H4 H/L, H13 H/L, 9004 H/L or a 9007 H/L halogen bulb type.

You can't buy a system with a smaller ballast. Fully digital, draws less than 6 amps at start up and 3.4 amps at normal operating temperature. This system provides 3200-3400 Lumens at 35 watts and an amazing 5000 Lumens at 55 watts per bulb. In comparison, a typical halogen bulb produces 900-1200 lumens.

What is the difference between 55w and 35w kits?
Our 55w HID kits are 40% brighter than the standard 35w kits.
The 55W system ballasts are about 1 cm longer than the 35W ballasts.
55w kits tend to wash out some of the color of the HID bulb due to the light output( for example, a 55w 8000k will look similar in color to a 35w 6000k kit).
Our 55w HID Kit is not recommended for smaller fog light housings because they tend to concentrate a large amount of heat in a small area.

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