We design and manufacture a wide variety of  Kawasaki ZX1000 motorcycle fairings. All ZX fairing kits include free ABS® Heat-Guard, Installation/Maintenance Kit, and Guaranteed Perfect Fitment.

ZX-12R History:

From the first production ZX-12R, in the 2000 model year,

its top speed was restricted by a motorcycle manufacturer gentlemen's agreement.

This was due to a voluntary gentlemen's agreement that included BMW Motorrad

and the Japanese manufacturers, amid fears of government regulation of motorcycle

speeds mainly in Europe. Prior to the agreement, Kawasaki had planned a world

press event to launch their answer to Suzuki's Hayabusa, but the event was

abruptly cancelled, and instead the ZX-12R with a revised engine control unit

that limited speed to about 300 km/h was released with no fanfare or comment by