Aprilia Fairing Fastener Kit

Nothing makes your Aprilia bike look fresher than a new set of ABS plastic fairings and matching powder coated bolts. Our bolt sets are not like any others found across the web because we only sell the most complete fairing bolt sets that include everything you can imagine to install your bodywork. Custom colors available!

We stock a wide array of professional grade fairing fastener kits for most HondaSuzukiYamahaDucatiKawasaki, and Aprilia motorcycles.  ABS Fairings hand picks all of the items that go into our kits.  Our kits are much more than just bolts. Our bolts are stainless steel and the kits include many items such as nylon washers, steel speed nuts, rubber nuts, speed nuts and push type retainers.

Eight sets of DZUS style fastenersMotorcycle Quick Release 1/4 Turn Fairing Fasteners. Universal Fit for: Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Ducati, Aprilia, KTM Race and Fairings ..
Universal Fairing Fastener Kit
M6 Bolts (6 x 40mm) (6)M4 Self-tapping screw clips (10)M6 Bolts (6 x 30mm) (20)Washers for 6mm (20)M6 Bolts (6 x 20mm) (10)Washers for 5mm (20)M6 Bolts (6 x 16mm) (1..