FAQ about motorcycle fairings from ABS

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Q? They’re so many places to buy motorcycle fairings from, how do I know which company has the best bodywork?

A. There are over 50 factories that currently produce motorcycle fairings and each company has it’s own standards for quality. Most sellers will promise you anything to get your business but when your fairing kit arrives and is poorly painted, won’t fit, and your stuck unable to return them to China, unless your willing to pay twice as much as you paid for the kit itself, you quickly realize the company you decided to deal with just wasn’t worth it. Here at ABS Fairings we promise: Quality bodywork designed to actually fit, Hassle free returns and replacement procedures, and most importantly, a show quality finish that turns heads and last for years.

Q? What’s the ABS Fairings® Warranty & what does it cover?

A. Our warranty covers anything damaged while in transit to you, any fading or discoloration, and any melting or issues with fitment. Most warranty issues can easily be handled via phone or by visiting our Support Center.

Q? Will ABS individual fairings fit with OEM bodywork?

A. Yes, since our fairings are made to OEM specifications, they’ll interchange with your original motorcycle fairings. We do however use a different paint copy than OEM, so we cannot guarantee the colors will match 100%.

Q? I want a custom design not found on your site, can you make it?

A. Yes, we have a full paint facility and the latest graphic printers and machinery. There is no limit to the designs we can paint so if you would like us to make a custom kit we’d be more than happy to. We recommend checking out our Kustoms section for more information.

Q? I don’t see any Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha or other decals on your fairings, why is this?

A. Since we’re a legitimate company we comply with all major motorcycle makers trademark laws and regulations. We do not include nor make any trademarked decals, you can purchase these at most motorcycle dealerships in your area.

Q? What’s included with a complete motorcycle kit from ABS Fairings?

A. Full fairing kits include all pieces shown and listed on the product pages. If you don’t see all of the parts listed it’s likely due to us not adding the smaller parts for the photo. Rest assured, if your kit says it includes 20 pieces it will include all 20 pieces. We also include our Heat-Guard which can be installed on your fairings to prevent any excessive heat damage. Installation & maintenance kit are also added to help keep your fairings in top shape for years to come.

Q? How do I install ABS Motorcycle Fairings?

A. Our fairings are unlike any others found on the market. You won’t have to worry about fairings that are quickly and cheaply made resulting in fitment that is absolutely unacceptable. Most of our customers have no problem at all installing their new motorcycle fairings, but if you do have a problem we have a dedicated tech team standing by to assist you. You can also bring your kit in to any of our dealers & they’ll be happy to install them for a nominal fee. In the Southwest Florida area? Let us install them for you!

Q? I need a custom injection molded part made for a line of motorcycles, does ABS offer this?

A. Yes! Our specialty is CAD designed injection molded parts. If you have a project you need assistance with we’d be more than happy to help.

Email us at sales@absfairings.com